34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My belly button is swollen... Is it normal

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Answer: Is it swollen or our.because belly button generally comes out in pregnancy
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    abinaya karunakaran1057 days ago

    It comes out only

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Question: After 4 month of delivery my belly button is swollen..and my belly size not reduced it remain same is it normal..
Answer: Hi,Dear, After delivery, the belly of a mother does not regain its old form and tightness immediately. The hormonal changes post-childbirth will cause the tummy to reduce over time, and there are certain things like exercise that you can do from your end to ensure you regain the pre-pregnancy shape. Diet plays important role.With the right balance of fats, carbs and proteins, is also an important choice in this effort to get back to original size., Breastfeeding is the best thing,a natural activity that goes a long way to help a new mother burn some calories . drink plenty of water .
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Question: I had ceserian before 3 months my belly button is swollen during pregnancy and not getting normal is it ok
Answer: Don't worry dear mine belly button got its proper shape after 6 month of delivery so you should also wait for some more time it will be normal so don't worry.
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Question: My belly button is popping outside. Is it normal
Answer: hi dear it's completely normal as it is attached to the umbilical cord and due to the babys growing pressure belly button can change size dear. No worries
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