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Question: My belly button is getting darker as filled with dirt... y is it so? Tried hard to clean it bit failed.

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Answer: Yes..mere sth v aisa hua.. Jyada presr mat dna saf karne ke liye.. Delvry k bad apne ap wo thik ho jyga..
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    Seemab Hassan188 days ago

    Okaaa thanks

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Question: How to keep baby's belly button clean? Actually my baby's belly button looking blackish like dirt it there...but i Don't know how to clean it. My baby is 5 month old. I am keeping oil in her belly button to make it clean. please suggest
Answer: Hello! Please do not do anything as such. Just like you give normal bath, splash it with water and dry it lightly. Do not press or try to clean it. Take care
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Question: Hii plz reply y my belly button is getting black
Answer: hi dear its common in pregnancy due to hormone changes it will be normal afetr delivery so do not worry take care
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Question: How to clean belly button?? It looks blakish inside ...
Answer: Hi dear u can take a cotton and apply cleansing milk. Then u can clean it with that. This will remove ur dirt from navel. Which taking bath u can apply little soap and wash it nicely.
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