4 months old baby

Question: My bby is 5month old...i have my hair fall alot..plz suggest sometthing

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Answer: Hello dear After delivery, the estrogen level comes back to normal, causing more hair follicles to enter the resting phase. This leads to excessive hair fall post delivery. This condition is short-term, and you may regain your normal hair growth after six to 12 months after pregnancy. Following remedies u can try to prevent hair fall: Try an egg white hair mask by blending one egg white and two tablespoons of olive oil Coconut Oil Overnight Mask Reduce Stress
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Question: hello doctor...my boy has 4m26days..my boy has losing hair fall alot ..plz suggest mam
Answer: Hello... Dear babies usually born hair will fall,it is normal, so don't get worried, You can use homemade herbal oil,it will boost hair growth and protect against cold,To make herbal hair ,heat coconut oil with fenugreek,pepper,small onion, curry leaves,hibiscus,saute well,allow it to boil for twenty minutes,until it raw smell goes,use this oil for hair regularly for better results
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Question: Hii... My baby is 5month old.. He is getting excess hair fall.. Pls suggest.
Answer: Don't worry hair fall is very normal to have in 5 month old baby usually newborn babies do have hair fall which they regain after sometime
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Question: My bby is 5 months old....she's suffering from hair fall....plzz suggest
Answer: Apply coconut oil and give head bath daily. You can use coconut oil and castor oil mix in alternative days.
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