6 months old baby

Question: My bay is 6 month completed and I gave her apple puree one day and next day cerealac of wheat..but after giving cerealac she is making noice a lot like shouting...and she putting a lot of energy and making noice like anything happening to her .means she trying to pass a stool but not coming out ..I did massage and warm bath but not use please suggest me what to do after constipation after introducing Solid

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Answer: My baby is also 6 th completed iam feeding him cerelac rice flavour that too twice daily slowly we need to start them solid foods otherwise it will vomited and other illness problem
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Question: My baby is 8 month n started her teething, 2 teeths are coming but she became cranky n cry on evry little things, she is not leaving me n don't let me go anywhere, why is happening? Bcz of teething or months changes? M worried
Answer: hey each child has unique symptom during teething so don't worry about it. it is normal in every child because the teeth break through the gum that's why child has some pain in gum
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Question: My baby is 50 days old.now-a-days she is sleeping during nights properly but during day time she is sleeping only for 1 or 2 hours. In total she is sleeping only 8-9 hours per day. Im feeding her properly infact she is active and not crying much. But im much concerned about her sleeping ... any sujjestions plz
Answer: It was same for my baby too. Currently she is 72 days old. I have already consulted with doctor he said like it's ok if her breastfeeding and urinating is proper. So don't worry though in google it is, said like that this baby shold be sleep min 15-16 yrs.
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Question: My 43 days old baby lools here and there on walls and ceiling whenever i talk to her while feeding or playing.although she has passed hearing test after birth but still i am worried if her ears are fine...i am worried because maid use to give her bath and i am not sure if she takes care whether the water is going inside her ears.is it normal for a new born to look here and there and not responding to other voice
Answer: Hi I understand your concern babies normally take time to recognize us and our voice almost 6 to 8 months to recognize us so nothing to worry I hope this information helps you.
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