10 months old baby

Question: My baby's weight is just 7kg. She is vomiting liking throwing the food and feeling aptitness. She did not want to take any food.. Already ondam oral has applied but still she is feeling uncomfortable. What shall I do?

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Answer: If baby is throwing all types of food every time then a possibly you are overfeeding your child or baby has gastrointestinal reflux disorder which will take some time to cure by itself. For this kind of babies you need to feed a small portion but frequently. That will help and I am saying this from my own personal experience.
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Question: My 10 months just don't want to leave me at all. She want I take her all time. I could not do any work and as there is no other family memeber at home. How I change her habit?
Answer: Hello dear... this is normal your baby needs you baby feel comfortable with moms . you can try one thing put baby in a walker and then you should keep your baby beside you in that way you can do work and in between talk yo your baby so that he think that you are here.
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Question: Hi Mommies. Today I went to see my doc and she said baby's growth is ok but not good. What should I do to increase the baby growth.
Answer: Hello dear you should include increase your food intake you should eat now a handful of dry foods at this time drink milk with a spoon of Desi ghee eat more food you should also take a juice dahi lassi shakes Smoothie
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Question: My baby is turning 8 in few days but yet she has not soon any sign of teeth I am worried as her weight is also just 6kgs thou she is been feed with cow milk 2 times meal like rice dal kichdi ragi and daily she intakes half banana she loves.. still no teeth...what to do I m worried
Answer: Babies can get teeth even after one year that's normal, stop giving cows milk to baby ask paediatrician for formula milk and give that to baby until one year otherwise breastfeed the baby , teeth eruption and food are not interrelated
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