7 months old baby

Question: My baby's eyes are becoming red. Any remedy

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Answer: Dear this is due to infection . At this time clean baby face and hand . Use only wash and clean towels . Wash baby eye with Normal water . Do not rub . It this will not decrease than you need to Check with doctor .
Answer: Maintain a well balanced diet drink lots of water stay hydrated and feed baby and keep cold water strips on eyes and also Maintain room temperature
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Question: Red acne on my baby's face, back , tummy and thighs without any irritation itching
Answer: Hi it could be heat rash, is caused sweat gets trapped under the skin because of blocked pores.when a baby gets heat rash, they develop tiny, red, fluid filled blisters.these can appear most on face, neck , back and front.move the child to a cool area, keep the skin cool and dry, apply a cool compression to the affected area,better to put cotton loose comfortable cloths.keep applying any powder to prevent rashes.take care
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Question: My baby girl is having cold and watery eyes from 1 week.plz suggest any remedy
Answer: please take care of your baby.breast milk is best home remedy for curing each and every disease, breast feed more than other babies.can use saline nasal spray to loosen and clear mucous out of the nose.suction your babys nose.moisten the air.you can give light steam.please cover the chest hands and feet properly.please maintain proper hygiene and sanitizing hands.give warm water 5-15ml four times a day to relieve itching and inflammation.please do not give any fruit juices, frozen liquids, cold foods.protect your baby from pathogen, be watchful of allergies, keep the air around the baby clear.take care
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Question: My 11 mnth baby rub eyes aga in and again both eyes are looks red
Answer: It could be infection or allergic reaction to dust or something like that. Wipe baby's eyes with lukewarm saline water and stylist cotton. Cold compress can be helpful. It could be conjunctivitis if both eyes turned red and in that case you have to consult doctor.
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