13 months old baby

Question: My baby 1 year old no eat food plzzz tel me

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Answer: Hello dear it's good to deworm the baby at 1 yr old..give baby Bonisan tonic and it will increase the hunger for baby. Give the baby's favorite food. It will start eating food..also continue breastfeeding.
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Question: my 1 year old baby doesnot eat any food what to do?please help.
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 1 year old dear some .babies r fussy eater....they dont want to eat any thing any thing.. feed food to babyb s not a easy job.. u have to struggle so much.... lets him busy in watching tv..watching cartoons...lishning rhymes ..or any serials..when see he busy then feed food 2 baby.hope it 'll work if it's not work consult to ur pediatrian he 'll gives medicine by which ur baby 'll be hungry nd take food .try it
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Question: Plz tell me food char of 1 year old baby
Answer: Break fast. Dalia – Monday Stuffed parantha with vegetables --Tuesday Oats cooked in milk – Wednesday Mixed Veg Dosa – Thursday Cheela stuffed with vegetables – Friday Idlis/wheat halwa – Saturday Vegetable Poha – Sunday Lunch should comprise of all important nutrient rich dishes. Dal with chapatti/rice and veggie with curd – Monday Simple vegetable biryani and curd – Tuesday Dal with chapatti and seasonal vegetables and curd – Wednesday Paneer (cottage cheese) curry with chapatti/rice – Thursday Light chicken curry with chapatti/rice – Friday Fish curry with rice – Saturday Veg pulao and curd– Sunday Eveninv snacks Vegetable soup/milkshake made from your child’s favourite fruit/fruit smoothies. Dinner Offer something light and easy to digest food for dinner. Vegetable khichri – Monday. Pumpkin khichri with rice – Tuesday Dosa with sambhar – Wednesday Chicken soup and bread – Thursday A small vegetable pizza made with a wheat flour base – Friday Stuffed aloo parantha with butter – Saturday Rice and mixed daal – Sunday
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Question: Hello,my baby have 1 and 1/2 year old ,he don't eat any food what i do
Answer: Hello dear.. Making children's to eat , is quite tricky task to every mom,this can be overcomed by feeding food in they way he likes.. these are some tips to follow,. Milk is a good source of calcium, they are needed for kids bone health , you can give them as smoothie,milkshake,kheer You can add her favourite fruit with milk and honey, and make smoothie Kheer can be made with carrot, almonds, paneer , just boil milk with almonds ,palm sugar and serve it with topped dry fruits For breakfast , you can make kids favourite recipe like aloo paratha, paneer paratha with little extra butter You can also make sandwiches with more vegetables, You can toast bread with some butter or cheese We can also serve idly ,dosa,roti on their fav shape and colour with veg puree For lunch,we can give curd rice topped with fruits, veg salads, rice can be mixed with any veg poriyal ,can be served with Pappad,Eggs can be given as cheeseegg omlete,scrambled eggs,dragon eggs,kids will love it Evening snacks Give them dryfruit shake, groundnut Chikki, makhanas that can be roasted with little ghee,salt,mild pepper powder,it is a healthy snacks option,kids will love it For dinner Chappati,poori, with paneer, mushroom gravy,kids will love those gravies, veg dosa you can add any veg in batter and make, we can use their fav shapes ..
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