7 months old baby

Question: My baby wont sleep during night times.... morning she sleep and this has become my routine too so i have too much head chekkar is it because i wont sleep during night....do anyone face the same problem

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Answer: Dear baby is 7 months so you can create a sleeping routine for your baby. My baby also used to sleep whole day and do bhangar all night 😂. So when she turned 6 months i make a sleeping pattern for her. I wake her up at 8 am , feed her bathe her , then feed and then let her play ,at 1 in noon nake her sleep again till 6 pm and then 11 pm at night. Although this does take time but once she adapt the change she start to sleep on her own and now ahe is 5 years and touch wood she is dont create any fuss on sleeping. So do try it..
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