3 months old baby

Question: My baby won't burp after every feed, wat to do, is it compulsory

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Answer: Hi. Yes burping is very important because if air would be traped inside your baby can be colic and that would be very problamatic for both of you. So keep your baby on shoulder atleast for 20 mins if baby would burp its good but if dont then also it would be fine. But do keep baby on shoulder for 20 mins atleast. Good luck.
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Question: Does it need to burp every time after she feed
Answer: Dear there's no rule that babies have to burp after every feeding. Some babies need to burp a lot, while others rarely do. In general, breastfed babies don't need as much burping as bottle-fed babies because they tend to swallow less air when feeding. But every baby is different, so follow your baby's cues. But if your breastfed baby seems perfectly comfortable during and after a feeding, there's no reason to pat her until she burps. Many breastfed babies don't swallow as much air when feeding as bottle-fed babies do, so they don't necessarily need help getting air out of their tummies. Though sometimes, during night feedings, your baby may drift off to sleep as she is being fed. It can be tempting to just lay her back down without a burp, but that may cause her to wake up in pain a little later on. Burping a sleeping baby is not much different from burping a baby who is awake.
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Question: It is mandatory to burp the baby after every feed
Answer: Babies are pretty active in the uterus. They move around and change position frequently, especially up to the end of the second trimester. During the last trimester, babies usually favour a head-down position, but can move their backs from one side to another, or even move into a posterior position (baby’s back against mother’s back). Your belly will change shape and size depending on the position your baby is in.
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Question: My baby doesn't burp after every feed. Is it OK?
Answer: Yes it's absolutely okkk. You just put your baby up wards on your shoulders for 10-15 min even if he doesn't burp.
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