4 months old baby

My baby will 3.5 month old and he bite my nipple. In which month baby teeth were develop.

Hi dear, Teething could start as early as 4 months of age.
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Question: In which month teeth for baby develop.?
Answer: Hello mam, teething is likely to happen in 4 to 6 months of age though for some it may be earlier or later. During teething phase babies become very cranky coz they feel irritation in their gums, they loose their appetite also. If the baby is above 6 months u can give them cold carrot instead of teether to soothe their gums. Or u can ask the paediatric to prescribe soothing gel.
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Question: In which with teeth develop in baby
Answer: Hello dear Some babies can have their teeth till 6 month while some babies will not have their teeth till their first day. All babies are different. So, dont worry mom, teeth will come.
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Question: At which month baby heart will develop
Answer: One and half month it means in 6th week U can hear baby heartbeat by sonography in the presence of doctor..all the best
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