3 months old baby

Question: My baby, when she is hungry putting her thumb finger and starts suckling..Not crying while she is hungry..if i brings her to my breast to feed..she us crying and again started to suckling her finger..Not taking the breast milk while she is awake..

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Answer: Dear it's completely normally actully when baby is in womb he used to suck his hand and soothe himself so they have a habit of this.. it will take some time for baby to understand that there are other things that can solve his hunger..🤗🤗..you don't worry just keep trying to breastfeed.. don't let your baby to get edge of the Hunger and try to feed. set a time and breastfeed in that time only that will be easy for you and baby both because when baby get fussy he will only suck hand and will cry out not to latch on breast so don't do that set a time and then latch baby..
Answer: Hi dear, Some babies feel calm while sucking thumb.it is absolutely normal.that is the reason they are not crying that often,which is good.but as you said she's not taking breastmilk too,which is not good.i donot know for how many days is your baby reacting this way,but if the baby is hungry then baby should cry and should breastfeed.if the baby is I'll,with fever or blocked nose,then they tend to avoid breastfeeding.so try to find that out.no matter what baby must cry when hungry.keep trying to breastfeed.
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Question: My baby is 4month old she is not taking breast milk... While she gt sleep I feed her breast milk by d tine she only having formula.. What's d reason she is not having breast milk while awake ,??
Answer: Dear there are many reasons why your baby may have temporarily gone off feeding. Reasons include: She finds it hard to get a good mouthful of your breast. She may refuse your breast out of frustration. It can take weeks rather than days for you and your baby to learn how to latch on well. Even if she seems to have "got it", she may lose the knack.  Your milk is flowing fast and strongly, and your baby is struggling to feed comfortably. Expressing some milk before starting a feed may help your baby to keep up with the flow, if you have a lot of milk. She has a cold, or a stuffy nose, making it hard for her to breathe while breastfeeding. Your milk supply has reduced. This may be because you're not breastfeeding as much as you should. She is teething. You could offer your baby frozen breastmilk cubes to suck and gnaw through a clean muslin. This may help to numb her gums before a feed. So these are just phase and keep breastfeeding your baby and baby will start latching again..
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Question: My baby sucks her thumb a lot, and starts crying if she is not able to put it in her mouth
Answer: Hii follow below steps to remove thumb sucking habit of baby. Don’t worry  Babies find thumb sucking comforting and after a certain age give up the habit on their own.  Distract her Distract her by engaging in some toy or activity. Using force will not help  Forcefully pulling thumb out of baby's mouth is likely to make her suck her thumb more often. Use a substitute  Pacifier can be a good option on which the baby can suck instead of her own thumb.  Have patience  It takes time to get rid of a habit. Keep explaining to her why it's not a good habit. 
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Question: My baby is taking my milk only for 5 -8min that too when she is awake .why she is not crying when she is hungry sometimes more then3 to 4 hrs also she is sleeping without feed
Answer: Please try to increase her timings by feeding her every 2 hrs Initially she might not feed but she'll get a hang of it gradually. 5 to 8 mins is not ample time for a growing child.
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