Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby when she do bath she is getting some saliva from her mouth do it effect her

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Answer: hi this is absolutely normal and there is nothing to worry I will baby spits out saliva while taking bath so do not worry
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Question: My baby is 5 months old... She is getting saliva always from her mouth what to do please suggest
Answer: Haha same problem with my baby girl here, it's quite common don't worry.. Myth is they have much cravings for variety foods
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Question: My baby always removes saliva from her mouth .is it normal
Answer: Even my baby also doing the same, I think it's quite normal..
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Question: My baby girl s 5months.she s continuously coming out saliva from her mouth is it normal
Answer: Hello dear That's absolutely normal. Drooling  is normal in the first two years of life. Infants don't often develop full control of swallowing and the muscles of the mouth until they are between 18 and 24 months old. Babies might also drool when they're teething When irritability goes along with swollen gums and drooling, and your baby's also rubbing his gums or biting, he may well be teething. 
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