5 months old baby

my baby weight last month was 6.700 kg now its showing 6.200kg he is 5 months completed and also spit alot in every feed what should I do i m too worried

Don't worry it is vary case to case... I am 26 weeks pregnant still my baby have 5.9gms weight... Just concentrate on your healthy diet....
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Question: My completed 5 mths now he is 5 mths 5 days his birth weight 2.2kg now he is 4.5 kg. Still struggling fr weight gain i am worried
Answer: Hi dear. Sharing correct way to feed baby. Breast milk is of two type, one that comes in starting and is trasparent watery liquid its called fore milk as baby feeds the milk becomes thick by end and contains most of the nutrients and fat its called hind milk. A baby need 1/4 th of fore milk and rest hind milk for proper growth. These both type of milk is formed in every women so in you. So just dont worry and feed your baby from one breast till end so that baby gets proper fat which would increase babies weight. In case some women have too much milk the composition gets a bit chanvr so dont worry simply sqeez some of the fore milk in case. Good luck.
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Question: my baby will complete 5 months on 26th Feb. his birth weight was 3.1 kg and now his weight is 7. 3 kg. I m worried b'coz his weight was as same when he was 4 months..means he didn't gain weight for last month...is it normal ND his weight is OK as per his age?? I m so worried...
Answer: whenever kid demands a feed Pls give...dnt go on extra feeds...as far as kid is active dnt worry about weight. weight will adjust once ur kid will be in floor I mean once he will start walking and start too many activities. till then all kids have different weights and tendencies. perfect weight is in a year child weight is 3 times its birth's weight.
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Question: My baby has completed 8 months old.. his birth weight was 3.4kg.. he is only 7 kg now.. What can I do to increase baby weight..
Answer: Hello! Babies use lot of energy during this age. It is important that they have proper food. Rather than quantity, focus should be on the quality. Try these food for gaining his weight. Try these super foods for the growth and weight gaining.  Sweet potato  Ragi  Broccoli  Moong dal  Full fat curd  Banana.  Apart from this always give fresh homemade food. Cook or add ghee in the food of your baby. Also you can start adding dry fruits powder in the porridge you serve to the baby.  Take care
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