4 months old baby

Question: My baby weight is not gaining she is 4 month 9 days old her weight is 5.5 kgs what to do should I gave her buffalo milk

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Answer: U should not introduce cow milk or buffalo milk before 12 months
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Question: My baby is 5 month 24days old she is not gaining weight what should i do to increase her weight
Answer: My case was similar. Breastfeed her more often. At this age babies get busy playing for long hours, so feed het every two hours. Also, increase your protein intake and breastmilk. Natural ways to increase bm: Eat every two hours. Eat 5-10 soaked almonds empty stomach and have half a glass of lukewarm water. Have saunf water or include saunf in diet. Include lal Masoor dal, moong dal, paneer, egg, in ur diet. Consume roasted seeds of melons. Add cinnamon powder in ur food Drink 4 glasses of milk a day. You may add one scoop of protein powder to it. On doctor's advice, I have been consuming Healthkart My first protein (available on healthkart store online with free delivery) since my second trimester. Take a calcium supplement daily till u breastfeed. Drink plenty of fluids, avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks.
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Question: My baby is 4 month 20 days old nd not gaining weight what should i do?
Answer: Hi! No outside food for a 4 months old, baby should have only mothers milk or formula for the initial 180 days/6 months of life and then have outside food, anything other than that is a potential threat to baby's digestive system, hence pls keep feeding the baby check his pee and poop count, activity if all well plz dont worry.. Hope this helps!
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Question: my baby not gaining weight since I start her to gave food. now she was nearly 9 months old and her weight 7. kg. she is on mother feed no top milk I gave her. please suggest what I do
Answer: Weight chart, according to the weight chart her weight is fine. Give her dal, roti, rice, khichdi, boiled vegetables, banana, butter, ghee, curd, cottage cheese, atta halwa, fruits puree, potatoes, sweet potatoes and all.
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