15 months old baby

Question: My baby weight is low how can I increase?

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Answer: Give mix dry fruit powder in milkshakes, kheer, sheera Give mix dry fruit + jaggery laddu Give peanut + phutana dal + jaggery laddu Give soups before lunch, fruit milkshakes in evening Give 1 cheese slice everyday Give panner twice a week Give moong pesarattu, dates kheer, ragi malt Give almomd powder with milk
Answer: Give calcium iron and vitamin supplements. It will increase weight of the baby
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Question: My baby weight is low. How I can increase weight?
Answer: Dear Baby weight is less when it falls under 8 kg It is considered that weight at 1 year should be 9-13 kgs. So it is ok Do not worry if the baby is very active and is eating well but still the weight is not gaining. Ask the paediatrician about zincovit drops and polyion-l to be given 2.5 ml and 5 ml respectively. Give more of banana chikoo smoothies Try sitafal going to come in winter make sitafal kheer or smoothies Give mire of sooji halwa Gud ka halwa with ajwain and give 2 tbs ghee every day with warm rice or mash roti in pure ghee. Keep trying As long as the baby is active and growing In the height Then do not worry.
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Question: my baby is weighted little low how can i increase the weight
Answer: Hi dear you are soon expecting to be a mother. So mow watever you eat it will increase your babies weight. So make sure you take healthy amd nutrotious food. To increase babies weight you can take dates everyday, mitton liver ( sevrotti) which helps to gain weigut as well increase haemoglobin. You can eat fruits like water melon orange pomagranate. Even cucumber helps to gain weight.
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Question: My baby weight is very low.. how to increase
Answer: Breastfeed him if ur breastfeeding.. As ur profile shows 9 months u can give egg sweet potato ghee curd ata hales to ur baby
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