38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my baby weight is 3.4..dr says it is a best time to deliver but my labour pain has not started as yet..what should I do to create my labour pain..??

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Answer: during my first pregnancy it was happened with me....N my dr suggested me castor oil ....I took it in night n next morning I delivered my baby...so ask for d same with ur dr...they will suggest u better
Answer: just ask them to give pain injection.....
Answer: Ask abt some exercises from the dr
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    Richa Arora568 days ago

    can you tell me some exercise so I can follow them..??

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    deepika agrawal568 days ago

    squats is bestest excercise and mopping also

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Answer: Hi if u completed 9month nd 9days then plz contact to doctor if u have not completed then wait few day what doctor say nd waht was ur day for delivery if ur doctor said to come for check up go nd plz contact to doctor
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