23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby weight is 490gms..is it Ok?? Or what should I do to increase?

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Answer: hi dear the baby weight is OK nothing to worry. Hsve small quantity food at regular intervals will increase baby's weight dear
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Question: My baby is 1month old...his weight is 2kg..is it ok or not? What should I do increase his weight ??
Answer: Dear keep on breastfeeding your baby that will make your baby healthy. It depends onnthe birth weight of ur baby. On average, babies gain about one pound each month for the first six months. Then, between six months and one year, weight gain slows down a little. Most babies double their birthweight by five to six months of age and triple it by the time they are a year old. Hope this helps.
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Question: My baby weight is 9.5 .is it okay ?what should I do to increase my baby weight
Answer: Hello dear Don't worry as every child is different with different genetic and different mental activity level so you should never compare your baby with any others in terms of weight even though you baby might look thin. Make sure to feed everything to your baby do not leave any fruit or vegetable untouched just because you do not like the taste developing a taste for every food is important at this age so this age is very crucial in terms of feeding nutritious food and focus more on dairy products which help to gain weight.
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Question: Hello, i am 22nd week pregnant my baby weight is 400g is it is okay or else what i should do to increase my baby weight ?
Answer: Have healthy food, eat dryfruits, fruits.. consume plenty of water
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