26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby weight is 2 weeks more than expected...Is it okay..

Answer: Hi dear, It is very much ok.if there is no complications in your pregnancy,such growth fluctuations are common.
Answer: Better you have to consult with your recommended doctor for diet and medicines
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Question: Expected baby weight is 1546 gm.. 8 month is running now.. is it okay or it should be more?
Answer: yeah it's ok bt nt good. it shud b around 1700 gm.
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Question: My baby growth is more than my expected date in second ultrasound is there any problem?
Answer: Hi dear,not a prob.it us completely ok in that It is because if your helthy eating and taking good care of yourself Which is very good
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Question: Yesterday my doctor had told me that the baby is 200gms more than expected weight. Expecting your suggestions to avoid over weight baby. Please help me
Answer: Hi dear if you have gestational diabetes it is possible for you to have a large baby which will be larger than the gestational age, there is nothing much that you can do but you can control your eating habits like whenever you feel hungry then only eat do not tend to overeat avoid all type of cards white rice sugar Mehta all junk foods and walk be active it will help.. Hope this helps!
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