36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby weight is 2.3 I am at 36 week 1 day I am really scared about the baby weight

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Answer: Hi, weight of the baby is fine don't worry. Just keep your diet good and baby will grow just fine.
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Question: I m really scared about the baby weight
Answer: Why dear??? What happened???? Is it underweight???? Dontworry you are just 21 weeks pregnant so you can increase the baby's weight and also you can increase your weight. you don't need to panic if the doctor advise you to increase the baby's weight please take more fibre rich food carbohydrate like fruits nuts Milk products all this will help to gain baby weight. my grandmother used to tell that whatever we eat after 7th month that will increase baby's weight so you dont need to worry
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Question: I am 36 week 4 day pregnant my baby growth is 3.2kg doctors said that baby gain more weight so we will send next week about delivery
Answer: 39 weeks is minimum you should wait. Would suggest a second opinion. Gud luck!!
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Question: Hi i am 36 weeks pregnant and my baby weight is 2.3 kg , is it something to be worried about and is there is a way in which the weight can be gained in few days left .... ?
Answer: Have lots of dry fruits, oats and dairy products. The average weight of the baby is 2.5 kg. It's normal weight for baby
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