4 months old baby

Question: My baby weight 5kg at 4month birth weigt 2.5is it normal .he gain only 600gm in month

Answer: Hello... dont worry coz baby's weight should be double by 6th month and triple by 12 th month from his birth weight..it indicates ur baby's weight is normal.
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Question: Ma baby is now 7 month 17 dayz her weigt is now 7.100 is it normal..birth weigt 3.200...wot typ of food want give for weigt gain
Answer: Hi dear, 1 bananas 2 potatoes, sweet potatoes. 3 ghee 4 oats 5 Ragi 6 Yogurt 7 Pulses 8 Eggs. 9 Pulses 10 whole wheat items. All of these are good for babies health
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Question: My baby is 5 month 20 days now...her weight is 5kg..her weight at birth was 2.150..im worried about her wight gain
Answer: I think her weight is fine according her birth weight. Babies should double their weight by 5 months which she has achieved.
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Question: My 87days old baby boy has only 5kg weight till.his birth weight was 2.800kg.is it normal? what can I do for increasing my baby weight?
Answer: Dear baby's weight is fine as there is a weight gain from the birth weight so don't worry just feed your baby frequently and you must eat healthy and nutritious diet because baby will automatically take that diet from your milk . So don't worry otherwise also baby's weight is fine and normal..
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