21 months old baby

Question: My baby was 1year 9mnths old she refusing to eat anything she doesn't like to eat weight was 8.5kgs how to gain wait

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Answer: Using pediasure or ensure Plus--- good brands milk protein powder is important you can also check over the counter nourishments such as vitamin B12 syrups polybion-l which will increase your baby's appetite. Give 2.5 ml of polybion-l twice a day also ask your paediatrician before starting. Also lenolinic acid drops are given ask your paediatrician about it usually 1/2 ml is given. if you feel your baby is eating less, your 2 years old baby should measure minimum 12-15 kgs now if he is less than 12 kgs then you need to worry and incorporate changes in his diet but if he is healthily gaining weight, then you should not worry. because after first year of your baby , your baby must put up 2 to 3 kgs weight every year so if your baby was 10 kg by 1 year he must be 12 to 13 kg by now . feed more of Carbohydrates such as potato /sweet potato rice porridge mixed with Ragi and Maize, you can also try small millet and feed him multigrain Atta Roti of equal parts of chana Ragi maize wheat and millet to increase his weight. you must focus on fruits which are instant source of energy such as sugarcane juice and add smoothies such as Alphonso mango smoothies, these Alphonso mangoes are very seasonal and less in pesticides and carbides and their properties for weight gain. you can give one mango a day do not over do with mango because that can increase your baby's body temperature and may cause heat induced acnes. you must feed yoghurt at least once a day include dairy products such as cheese and Paneer thrice a week if you are fine with eating eggs you must incorporate eggs 4 times a week to increase your baby's weight you can also try pumpkin soup avocado soup and butternut squash these are sure shot weight gaining foods when served with yoghurt. most importantly give healthy choices, avoid junk foods take care
Answer: Hi dear, There could be many reason for your baby not eating food. 1) teething- due to painful gum baby is mostly in awful mood and need something comforting like bm/fm most of the time. 2) Anaemia- Usually breastfed baby gave low hb levels as breast milk isn't sufficient to meet baby's iron need. That's why doctor recommend iron drop during first year of baby. Try to include more iron rich foods in baby’s meal plan. 3) Bacterial /viral infection - baby might be having a throat or stom infection which is very common with teething baby as he tries to put every in his mouth anything contaminated can cause infection. Keep his surrounding and toys clean and sterlize. Add heeng to his food to prevent infection. Make him drink water through the day. 4) boredom - like adults baby also gers bored of eating same food everyday. Be experimental and introduce new recipes to him. If you are giving him mashed potato try fried version. Presenting the same food in different method becomes appealing to baby. Hope this helps
Answer: Dont force her ... allow what she likes to eat ... try to give fresh fruits first or fresh fruit juices without sugar ... kindly note what type of taste she likes... then u can feed little by little .... tell stories side by side try to feed her ... just try and make her to eat with interest ... some babies like to eat with all ... so when u feed her , u also sit with ur plate and eat show her to feel the taste ..
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Question: My baby doesn't like to eat anything sweet.
Answer: hi dear, if you baby doesn't like to eat sweet don't force your baby to eat sweet things. Sweet and sugary things is not at all good for your baby stomach. You can offer you baby sabudane ki Khichdi, Daal Chawal ,mix veg puree, chicken stew etc. Keep changing your baby's tastebuds otherwise it will be monotony for your baby and (s)he will start refusing food. I hope it will help you.
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Question: I have a 1year baby. She doesn't eat anything other than my milk.
Answer: Hii You can start early hours of the day of your child with a cup of full cream milk dear. Breakfast For breakfast the you can give any of the following things to your child.½ cup cooked Dalia.½ or 1 stuffed parantha with a stuffing of vegetables or paneer.½ cup suji upma.½ or 1 small cheela stuffed with vegetables to give it a colorful look.1 small idli.Poha are various options you can give dear. .Brunch For brunch you can give your children a cup of juice or a bowl of fruit chat. Lunch Lunch should include all the important nutrient rich dishes dear. For lunch you can give any one of the following things.1/2 cup daal with a chapatti or ½ cup rice.½ cup vegetable biryani.¼ cup of daal, a small chapatti and some seasonal vegetables.Any paneer based veggie with a chapatti or ½ bowl of rice dear .Snacks You can give your child a small bowl of fruit salad or a cup of vegetable soup or a glass of milkshake of your child’s favorite fruit or you can make fruit smoothies dear .Dinner For dinner you should give your child something light and easy to digest food dear. Following is the list of dishes that you can give your child.½ cup vegetable khichri with curd.½ cup of soya granules along with a chapatti and some veggie.Dosa with chutney and sambar.Idly with chutney and sambar. Curd rice topped with fruits. Aloo parantha with butter or curd. Here are some pointers dear that you can keep in mind regarding your baby's diet. Remember it is an important stage of development, so take extra care of your baby's diet.  Start giving baby new food but only one at a time and see if your child likes it and is not allergic to it dear. Do not give your child things like popcorns or nuts which have chances of choking the food pipe.Instead of breast feeding start giving your child whole milk so that it fulfils the need of fats in his body.Feed your child 5-6 times a day in small proportions.Give baby different things to it so that baby develops taste for all the things and enjoy eating them.Do not give your child soft drinks, chocolates or any such thing that would make baby addictive and harm as these things contain harmful chemicals.Encourage your child to eat fruits. Seasonal fruits are very healthy and nutritious. Keep trying dear. Good luck Take care dear
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Question: My baby doesn't like to eat anything
Answer: You can follow these steps to help your child eat well Sit and eat with your child. Show your child what eating healthy is like. You are your child's best role model. They will learn to eat and explore new foods by watching what you do. Offer new foods many times. Children often need to see, smell, and touch a food many times before tasting it. Your child may need to taste a food many times before they eat it. Continue to offer new foods and include foods your child has refused in the past. Give your child enough time to eat. Young children learn by touching, smelling and looking at foods. Give your child time to learn about the foods you offer. Learning to use a spoon and fork also takes time. Plan time to sit and eat slowly with your child. A mess is also part of learning how to eat. Try offering the same food in different ways. Be patient. Keep giving your child foods made in different ways: raw, cooked (steamed, roasted), in stews, soups and sauces. If your child likes vegetables cooked a certain way, give them other vegetables made that same way.
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