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Question: My baby was preterm....low birth weight...underwent open heart surgery for infracardiac TAPVC...he is 9 month old....but he don't want to HV even sooji ki kheer....he don't wanna gulp the things

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Answer: Dear premature birth heart problem is completely normal these days .. see TAPVC is Total anomalous pulmonary venous return or connection (TAPVC) is a birth defect of the heart in which the veins bringing blood back from the lungs pulmonary veins) don't connect to the left atrium like usual. It's completely curable and treatable so hopefully your baby is completely healthy and fine now.. so the weight of the baby will increase as the baby will grow.. if baby don't want to eat or chew then firstly you have to give only mashed and pure food to your baby.. don't overfed your baby and don't force your baby for anything ..if baby wants milk then give milk only and give only 2-3 spoons of food to baby for weight gain.. also try to give mashed sweet potato ,cheese potato and food like this which will help your baby to gain weight ..
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Question: My baby is 8months old but he doesnot take any top feed..i hv tried banana,boiled potato,sooji ki kheer bt he doesnot eat anything.wat cn i do nw to make him eat?
Answer: Act I give him bottle feed so Everytime he wants only milk nothing else
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Question: My baby is preterm. Birth weight is 1.6 kg. Now he is 9 month 20 days. Last month he was 7.8 kg. But his todays weight is only 7 kg. Weight reduced now.. Is it normal?
Answer: Uski diet ka dhyan rkho.. kai bar bimar hone se ya teeth ate h tb baby weight kam ho jata h
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Question: Hi....mine 9 month old lo has just stopped eating...he don't open his mouth..I hv tried lots of recipes bt he is not willing to even taste...what could be da reason for dat
Answer: its a growth spurt.. we all. have been there... its alright... feed as per demand.. babies know when to eat.. n if they r hungry they will turn thrle world around u
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