10 months old baby

Question: My baby was having loose motion and vomiting problems... After giving enterogermina it has been stopped for 2days... Now again he is getting loose motion and vomiting... Please help me... I don't know why he is getting like this

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Answer: Hi, it could be due to an infection. do not try to treat home as vomiting couple with diarrhea could aggravate dehydration. best consult a doctor to get your baby examined and medication will be prescribed.
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    Nivetha Venugopal885 days ago

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Question: Why baby continuously vomiting after giving medicine for loose motion and why repeatedly loose motion is happening to my baby
Answer: Hi, generally few babies refuse to take medicine, they spit out the medicine and cry a lot. Don't give medicine in spoon or feeder, take the filler which comes along the medicine and put either at the sides of the mouth little Inside or little.deep so that baby will not vomit. One more idea is to five medicine along with milk ,mix medicine with milk and feed the baby. Before that ask doctor whether this medicine can be mixed with milk, because some medicine should be given directly without mixing into any food. ☺
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Question: Hello, sometimes my baby do like about to getting vomiting but he won't why this is happening please help me
Answer: Give your baby a burp after every feed. And give your breastfeed. Massage the tummy anticlockwise that should sooth him. Also apply hing paste on the baby navel.
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Question: my baby is 2.5 month infant having vaccanation this work and after this vomiting has been started but stopped after by injection suggested by doctor. however he did 5 6 loose motion in last 18 hour in difference of 5 7 hours what should i do I am giving him ORS and mother feed but motion did by him while feeding
Answer: hello dear its completely normal. 10 potty in a day and in 10 days 1 potty both r normal. ap baby ko feed krati rahiye.
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