11 months old baby

Question: My baby was fair when he was born..but now he is getting darker..he is 11 months old

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Answer: Hi dear, its common for baby ko get darker as baby comes to sun and tanning can happen. DOn't worry too much about it. Try to keep baby indoor and dont put harsh lotions as baby has very soft skin and lotions may make it dry. Use mild sope.
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    Mohammad Ansari Ansari865 days ago

    Mr Khan

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Question: My baby is born fair but is getting darker and darker day by day.
Answer: hi dear usually babies tend to change their colour after delivery because of the environment and their body temperature you can massage your baby with almond oil everyday before taking bath this will increase the blood flow in newborn babies body and also it helps to get good complexion
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Question: Hi..when my baby was born he was vry fair but now day by day he is getting dark .He is one month old now.Vt to do
Answer: Hello, Dear baby till 6 months will keep changing colour so don't worry. Baby born white because they spend 9 months in water. But baby's actual colour depends upon baby's gene's . So don't worry baby will get its actual colour after 6 months.
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Question: when my baby was born he was fair n white but after some time he is getting darker what to do
Answer: massage the baby with coconut oil. and don't take the baby out in sunlight after oil massage . bath the baby with malai (milk cream) and don't use any soap or wash just use raw milk to bath the baby. You can apply soap mildly
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