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Question: My baby was 22 days old she's getting gas what can i do

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Answer: Hello Babies develop gas because they do not move. Gas bubbles form in a baby's stomach, and this makes the baby "colicky." No matter whether you feed them lactogen, soy milk, mother’s milk, or other milk, gas and stomach pain is common for infants under six months of age. Many people recommend gripe water—a combination of sodium bicarbonate, dill oil, and fennel oil— but it never helped my child. She stopped crying when we gave him gripe water, and sometimes even sleep, but then she would wake up and cry. I also tried several other medicines my pediatrician prescribed for my baby’s colic, including Colicaid, but they did not work for my baby.In the end, I found some Indian home remedies that worked, and I wish to share them with you. Please check with a medical professional regarding your baby's condition before proceeding. See below: * Mstard Oil Massage an infant a massage with warm mustard oil () and a bath in warm water can alleviate gas problems and colic pain.Massaging with mustard oil can improve blood circulution and encourage body movement so that gas can be expelled. Boil a little mustard oil with a few cloves of garlic ( Let the oil cool. Massage your baby's chest and feet with the cooled oil. .*iving. Asafetida Rubbing asafetida (perumkayam in Tamil, hing in Hindi) on your baby's stomach can also help. But applying externally is not as effective as giving internally. You can do both. Mix asafetida with warm water and apply to the navel area. LG asafetida is the best brand in India. Do not use powdered asafetida. Get the solid block, break off a little amount, and mix in warm water. . *Garlic Garlic is one of the best remedies for colic, but it should not be given alone. On its own, garlic can burn the baby’s tongue. A little rub of garlic can be given along with jaiphal (nutmeg) or other herbs. Or mix with rice, roti, or other foods. Garlic (or lehsun) is best in its raw form. Include this in yur diet Papaya can relieve constipation in infants. If a child eliminates regularly, her colic problems will ease. Ginger (raw) Asafetida Garlic Jeera water (cumin seed water) Ajwain water Fennel seed) Nursing mothers should not eat: Dry fish and prawns Coffee Milk products like curd, ghee, butter, and cheese Citrus fruits like mosambi, orange, and lemon Spicy meat dishes Certain vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage Beans Chicken and beef Nuts Eggs Pulses Spices such as black pepper, red chili, green chili, cardamom, and cinnamon I ate exclusively homemade food while I was breastfeeding. I never ate chocolate, cake, ghee, burgers, or pizza until my child was six months old. These precautions helped my baby recover from his colic problem. Effective Burping Techniques Lie the baby down on your lap with their stomach pressed against your thigh. Pat their back and the gas should come out. Tummy time is a good gas prevention technique. Make child lie down on her stomach for a few minutes. The child can keep her head down and rest when you do this. She may also try to lift her head up. Do this for two or three minutes and repeat several times a day, but only under your supervision. Tummy time can strengthen muscles and will also push out gas from the stomach.
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