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Question: My baby was breech presentation (OS 4.0 cm) and placenta is anterior as possible normal delivery....???

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Answer: Hi. Baby come in head down position on there own by 32-37 weeks if they dont take the position by this phase there are very low chance that baby would change position after that. So dontbworry. Anterior placenta wont be bairrier in normal delivery. So dont be stressed.
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Question: Hi i m 27 weeks pregnant having anterior placenta grade i and breech presentation. Can normal delivery possible?
Answer: Hi. All the condition are normal dear. I had anterior placenta which means placenta is on front wall of uterus which is quite normal. And baby take his fix position by 32-37 week which also is not a problem. So dont worry.
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Question: Hello! My baby was cephalic presentation, anterior position it was possible normal delivery?
Answer: Yes dear, normal delivery possible if labour pain start on time.
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Question: Is there breech presentation baby if it possible normal delivery?
Answer: No dear, wait for upto your due date,if the baby turns into cephalic position then it is possible for normal delivery and walking is the best exercise
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Question: my placenta is anterior and presentation is breech...baby weighs 1kg.im 28weeks pregnant.is it normal
Answer: Weight should be above 1kg.
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