Few days old baby

Question: My baby was born with the weight of 2.5kg and after 1week the baby was reduce to the weight of 2.400.doctor told to feed the baby for every 2hours. I feed the baby every 2hour day and night. But my baby is crying .Iam not getting enough breast milk. Doctor suggest to give loctogen 1. Now from 2days iam giving it. First day their was no loose motion. Now on 2day loose motion was like 5-6 times. And also has rashes. Now my baby is 1month 10 days.Now wat can I do. Plz help me with dis.

1 Answers
Answer: Please try to concentrate on your eating so that your bm gets sufficient. I am so surprised doctor should have treated first to ensure your milk should come and later could have suggested for fm. I suppose all this has become more of business. They should try to work on mothers milk to be sufficient. If you are still having though less. Try to increase the feeding time, if not the gap should have to be decreased. It's demand and supply. The more you will feed baby more it be coming to suffice your baby's hunger. Though you can continue fm but restrict it to once or twice a day. Take papaya cheese all green leafy vegetables. Lactacare tablets (speak on this to your gyno) shatavari power easily available. Take twice or thrice with milk. Ear healthy. Include dry fruits. Hope this will help.