2 months old baby

My baby was born premature nearly 32 weeks on 11 august 2018. Now he will be 4 months so can i start him oats n milk ??

Hi dear, No solid foods before 6 months of baby age.it is not advisable as their digestive system is weak and cannot digest solids.post 6 months you can slowly introduce pureed or semi solid food to your baby.4 months is too small.
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Question: My baby was born premature. He is on formula feed from very beginning. He is now 6 months old, can I start giving him cow's .milk
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 6 months old No cow milk s not safe ..Babies can't digest cow milk before 1 year... cow's milk as completely or easily as breast milk or formula. Cow's milk contains high concentrations of protein and minerals, which can tax your baby's immature kidneys. Cow's milk doesn't have the right amounts of iron, vitamin C, and other nutrients for infants.
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Question: Can i give oats and ragi in milk for my 11 month baby...he will be 1 after 2 weeks
Answer: Yes dear, u can give ur 11 months old baby oatmeal and ragi. If As it is rich in fiber and provides energy to ur baby which he needs every morning.
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Question: My baby born premature .he is now six month old.so can i start solid food for him
Answer: Hello! Dear you need to wait a few more weeks. If your baby is born in 33 weeks then you can start solids after 6 months + 7weeks and also consult the doctor before starting solids. Starting solids now CA cause problems and hence should be avoided. Take care
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