19 months old baby

Question: My baby vomits alot. Daily or in after every one or two days one or two meals is vomitted out. Khate time usko upkai ati hai and then uska pet bahut tez vibrate karne lagta hai and he vomits everything. He is 1 years 7 months running. Is that normal?

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Question: My son is now 15months old..he is very active understands every thing..but he is not speaking..he hardly speaks one or two words...he only show everything with hand and ask..what to do
Answer: Hi dear, there is nothing to be worry about. Some babies do start talking early but in general most babies start talking around 1.5-2 years of age and some babies start talking around 2-2.5 years of age. So don't worry. It is good that he understands everything and communicate with you with hand gestures. It means he will start talking soon. Keep talking with him. Sing with him. Make him listen to nursery rhymes. Go to park and let him play with children of his age. Show him things and tell him their names and ask him to say what it is. Gradually he will learn and start talking.. Hope this will help you
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Question: My is one year and she vomits alot whenever i give her eat some solid she feel like vomiting and gradually spits out every thing which is in her stomac
Answer: Daily give different types of food to eat if u daily give one type of food to ur baby then of course she doesn't eat because she get bored to eat daily one type of food So daily change her diet then she will eat everything if Monday u are giving Dal rice then don't again repeat it give anything else
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Question: My baby is about two n half months old...he is on formula feeding... every second or third day he vomits out all the milk immediately after drinking...what is causing him to do so???
Answer: Hello there your baby is to small as you said baby is only two months old so why do you give him formula feeding as this might not suitable for you kid you can opt for breastfeeding if positively
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