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Question: My baby vomiting curd continuously from the evening. Wat to do

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Answer: Hello Dear It's normal for babies to vomit as their bodies adjust to feeding. They bring up small amounts of milk when they burp, which is known as possetting. They do have gastric reflux Which may cause baby to bring up a little milk after a feed, and can also give her hiccups, baby cough after bringing up milk if it gone wrong way This is normal as long as your baby is well, you don't need to worry. Baby will be irritable and will sometimes feed poorly due to reflux. But she soon outgrow this problem as her digestive system matures. *Keep her as upright as possible during feeds and immediately after. *Feed in small quantities and more frequently. *Keep her head and shoulders slightly raised as she sleeps. *Burp her during her feeds as well as right after her feed. check with your doctor first He will tell you whether it is a case of reflux in the first place and the best remedy for your baby.
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Question: My baby is vomiting like curd... Why so?? Plz help me Wat to do
Answer: Hi dear, it's ok it's digested form of milk. It is important to burp babies after each feed. It releases air trapped in your baby's stomach, making him more comfortable and less fussy. Burping also frees up room in your baby's tummy so he can settle in and feed longer. Burping can also be beneficial for babies who spit up often. And for bottle fed babies it becomes even more important as there is air sucked by babies.
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Question: My baby is vomiting from evening...wht to do
Answer: Vomits may be due to Gas formation Indigestion If baby doesn't show any other symptoms like fever nothing to worry Give ajwain water If any other symptoms please consider doctor immediately Take care
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Question: Wat is the right time to give curd to my baby? Daytime evening or night?
Answer: Better to give in around 10 or 12 oclock in Morning... curd are good for babies
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