1 months old baby

Question: My baby vomit milk too much... just after breastfeeding..and thereafter also even after 1 or 2 hour also..and it is not curdnmilk..it is watery milk...i give burp aftee every feed, even in between burp and feed she does vomit out milk

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Answer: Don't worry my lil one also do the same it will be alright after few months it's normal only. If it happens more than 5 times ask ur pediatrician for some suggestions
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Question: my baby is 1 month old and she is suffring from gas she farts too much and also spitting milk after every feed she do not take burp wt i will do im worried about health
Answer: Hi! Please follow the tips below for colic issues, usually disappears at 3-4 months, you shouldn't h use any ghutti or gripe water because they r not safe for the little baby. Please give a nice massage around naval clock and anti clock wise. Give enough tummy time Make his legs exercise in by cycle motion. Burp the baby well after feed but as you said thst baby doesnt burp there lies all the problem, you need to make him burp, please keep him upright, light pats on back and upward helps the baby to burp. A nice steam bath also ease the pain. Hing mixed with lil ghee. Apply around navel. Please try to distract the baby, a lot of skin to skin also helps a lot. You can try having fennel seeds water twice a day and pass on the benefit through BMilk. Spitting out curdled milk is common in babies, since their food pipe is still being developed , some milk remains in the food pipe and stomach gas throws it out which becomes curdled and it is normal Keep feeding the baby and burp it well because its very very important they feel gassy because they only feed milk which creates a lot of gas. Good luck!
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Question: Does it need to burp every time after she feed
Answer: Dear there's no rule that babies have to burp after every feeding. Some babies need to burp a lot, while others rarely do. In general, breastfed babies don't need as much burping as bottle-fed babies because they tend to swallow less air when feeding. But every baby is different, so follow your baby's cues. But if your breastfed baby seems perfectly comfortable during and after a feeding, there's no reason to pat her until she burps. Many breastfed babies don't swallow as much air when feeding as bottle-fed babies do, so they don't necessarily need help getting air out of their tummies. Though sometimes, during night feedings, your baby may drift off to sleep as she is being fed. It can be tempting to just lay her back down without a burp, but that may cause her to wake up in pain a little later on. Burping a sleeping baby is not much different from burping a baby who is awake.
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Question: my baby takes out milk and even curdled milk after each feed ... even after the burp ... After half an hour or even after 1 hour he will throw out the milk ... Wat could be the reason .. He is 2.5 month old .He urinates also around 15 + in a day ... am very much tensed
Answer: hi.. don't worry .. if baby takes excess milk than required amount he vomits .. if vomit persists use domstal suspension syrup .5 to 1 ml before feed .. vomit will reduce... urination is normal.. becoz it indicates baby is taking adequate feed..
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