4 months old baby

Question: my baby vl b 4 months in 4 days...her current wt is 5.5 kg..her birth wt was 2.39kg...is it normal? ?

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Answer: It's normal it could be between 5 to 6 kg on an average
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Question: Hi my baby is 2 months 10 days old. Her birth weight was 6.5 pounds and her current weight is 5.5 kg. Is she overweight?
Answer: Generally birth weight should be double at 6 months. As her birth weight was 2.948 kg and after 2 months only she she is weighing 5.5 kgs, so i think she is over weight.
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Question: My baby s birth weight was 3.1 kg and she is 2 month 25 days old her current weight is 5.5 kg is it alright
Answer: Very healthy baby , actually birth weight should be double in 6months and triple in 12 months
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Question: At 4 months my baby weight is 5.5 kg birth weight was 3.2 kg, is this normal?
Answer: Usually baby becomes double of their birth weight by fourth month but 500 to 600 weight up or down doesn't matters much so don't worry your baby weight is very good according to 4 month of age
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