2 months old baby

Question: My baby very crying because vaccination pain no feeding what to do pls ans me

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Question: Had vaccination of my baby today... She is crying in pain... What to do?
Answer: Hi dear, I can understand how painful injection pains are for babies.the only thing you could do is to give cold compress near the injection spot.try not to touch the area much and leave it undisturbed.if the spot is too hard,then ask your doctor to give thrombophob ointment ,which helps in dissolving the vaccine.continue breastfeeding as it gives some soothing effect in babies.calpol would help with fever and pain too.not to worry the pain would last a day or two.
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Question: my baby crying continusly since night because of vaccination after one day what to do suggest some thing
Answer: Tips To Manage The Pain After Vaccination For Babies: Feed Your Baby: In fact, babies who breastfeed during vaccination cry less. Feeding your baby after the vaccination session could also help alleviate the pain. Use A Cool Compress: Another effective way to provide pain relief for babies after shots is to apply a clean, cool washcloth on the sore area. It will help reduce the soreness and tenderness around the site of the injection. If the situation doesn’t improve in 24 hours, you may want to get your baby examined by a doctor. One of the best ways to help your baby calm down after being vaccinated is to distract him/ her mind with new toy. Sugar Power: Sugar could help babies take medication readily and could also reduce the intensity of the ‘sting’ associated with vaccination. The sweet trick is particularly helpful for babies under six months of age. You could try feeding your baby a little sugar water before he/ she gets vaccinated or dip his/ her pacifier in some sugar water and let him/ her suck it. In most cases, babies may cry a little after being vaccinated, but they settle down after a cuddle and some calm moments. Remember, parental concern during a baby’s vaccination also plays a major role in increasing the baby’s distress. So next time you take your baby for a prick remain calm and focus on the importance of the shot rather than the temporary pain your baby may feel.
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Question: What to give to an eighteen months baby after vaccination pain. Baby is crying since vaccination
Answer: Hi Breastmilk is what will soothe the baby. Plus you have to give the baby fever medicines too. So that the babys fever reduces
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