16 months old baby

Question: my baby us of 1year 3months old....his hair are very less....please suggest how to grow his hair thick n fast

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Answer: TIPS TO GROW YOUR CHILD’S HEALTHY HAIR. 1) Nutrition is the key - Having healthy hair has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be directly connected with NUTRITION. 2) Oil ur babys hair regularly with either coconut oil or olive oil 3) Keep the hair n scalp clean - wash ur childs hair every 2-3days 4) You could also try some NATURAL ORGANIC CONDITIONERS like CURD, HIBISCUS or EGG WHITE. 5) include almonds n more of iron in diet
Answer: Hllo give healthy diet to ur baby fruits dry fruits..soak 2 almond in night in mor give it baby nd after that give milk....put almond oil on babys head massage kariye 5 min....clean babys hair after 2 days ...give egg or u cant apply egg on her hairs...ull get best result...
Answer: Try mamaearth hair oil n shampoo its products contains only natural ingredients so very effective
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Question: My baby have very thin hair and small quantity of hair.. Please suggest me.... how to grow his hair?
Answer: Hi dear it is genetic . U can't change the density of the hair. U can give coconut oil massage to ur baby head. It is best to have a healthy hair .
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Question: hello doc ..my baby's hair are very less n thin....suggest me something that thy can grow faster n thicker
Answer: Aap apni baby ke liye ye sab try kar sakte h. Get the hair shaved once or twice to increase growth. Apply almond oil on baby’s head. Comb baby’s head with a soft hair brush twice a day to improve blood circulation and increase growth. Make sure baby is having a healthy balanced diet. For hair, a diet consisting of protein and Vitamin D is very important. Give your baby walnuts, dates, almond, carrots, sweet potatoes, Salmon fish, pumpkin, apricots, egg, spinach etc. These contain a lot of nutrition that will aid hair growth.  Amla oil or if baby can eat amla is great for hair. Massaging the head with mustard oil will enhance hair growth. Ayurvedic hair oils containing Mahabhringraj are great to boost hair growth. Massage hair with coconut oil, caster oil and olive oil. If you are using baby shampoo, stop it for a few days and use a baby soap and vice versa. You may notice some change. Change baby’s shampoo and apply oil every alternate day. Try and apply warm oil. Mix castor and coconut oil together and apply every night on baby’s scalp.
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Question: My baby is 1 year old and his hair are very less .kindly suggest something
Answer: Dont worry it ll grow slowly. Sometimes it happens. You should take care of his diet. Massage the scalp with a gud oil. U can use mamaearth hair oil for babies. Wash hair properly.
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Question: How to grow baby hair fast?
Answer: Oiling is very important to grow your babies hair. So apply mystical baby hair oil its very effective.
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