4 months old baby

Question: My baby urine is dark yellow what should I do ? I'm worried.

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Answer: Give him water... Yellow urine aane ka matlab body ko sahi matra mai paani ni mill raha..
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    Srijana Pokhrel1156 days ago

    She is only 4month 10 days old can I give her water?

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Question: What colour should be urine mine I feel sometimes dark yellow is it s ok
Answer: Hello, Colour of it in completely depends on your water intake. Colour may be darker because of lack of water. So try to drink as much water as you can or may be more than that because water is very important during pregnancy. So stay hydrated
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Question: Hi I have very dark yellow urine what is reason
Answer: Hi dear, Dark yellow urine could be either due to dehydration or due to some medication.drink plenty of water to see the difference.prenatal vitamins could give urine yellow colour.
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Question: My baby is doing dark yellow color urine what should i do for that?
Answer: Hi dear, give more water to him this means he's low in hydration . After a gap of half hr feed few spoons of water .
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