4 months old baby

Question: My baby turns only to his right side now..tries to go on his tummy.. Bjt couldn't.. When he will flip?

Answer: Hi. If baby is trying to flip your baby will soon turn. So let baby do it on her own. Baby turn in between 4 to 6 month. So your baby is going good. My baby turned in her 6th month imagine i was also worried but at the end sje acieved all ger mile stones. Good luck
Answer: Y LL bean
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Question: my baby tries to move front when he's on his tummy. how can I help him
Answer: no need to do nything. this is natural instinct of baby. keep massaging hands legs and back, give him lots of tummy time.
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Question: Hi.. My baby is 3 months old now.... When will he turn to his tummy side by himself...??
Answer: U r baby is little fat it take a up to even 6 months for the baby to turn it's sides. It the baby is lean baby turn as early as 2 months also. This is totally dependent on u r baby.. U can always wait till 6 months for u r baby to turn by itself don't worry
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Question: Baby head is on right side now... When it turns for delivery...
Answer: Hii generally babies come to cephalic position. In 34 to 36 week so still u have time don't worry. Ur baby will move in that direction soon. Eat well. Don't take much of stress. All the best.
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