2 months old baby

Question: My baby turns her head everytime towards the left side is there something to worry about this

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Answer: Hi dear, Not to scare you but for your information, some babies during birth could damage their shoulder/ neck muscles,which lead to one sided head lean.although it could be behavioural issue also.doea your baby prefer to breastfeed from one breast only and cries when you breast feed from th other one? If yes,then please check with docto soon.
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    Adarshana Tiwari64 days ago

    No nothing of this sought happens she feeds well from both breast infact she sometimes turns her head to and in crib keeps it straight

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Question: My baby is 3 months and 20 days. He mostly turns his head to left side while sleeping and his head too is flat on the left side which he turns is this normal? The head shape?
Answer: Hello dear. You need to ensure that baby's head is straight to keep it in right shape. You can use RAI pillow which is easily available in market. I made it at home. It keeps the head straight. Hope it helps
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Question: My baby is not in head down position... the baby head is in left side of my stomach... do i need to worry about his current position
Answer: Baby can change its position till 37th week so no need to worry yet.
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Question: My baby turns his head mostly to his right side. Is there any abnormality?
Answer: Every baby does the same. Its not abnormality but take care of his head.u urself has to turn his head on the other side to prevent your baby's head from getting flat from one side.
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