6 months old baby

Question: my baby turned into 6th month yesterday ,shez become very dull, not active,not playing,not even smiling ,shez just staring me,I'm trying my level best to make her smile .She is suffering from cold and cough.Can I know the reason why she is not active from 2days.

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Answer: Hello dear as you are already telling your baby is suffering from cold and cough that will be main reason.Baby generally tend to get cold easily. Here are some home remedies, will prevent your little one from cold and cough--- Boil little water with little ajwain seeds and make the baby have it. Also, if baby is taking outside milk ensure to put few seeds of ajwain while boiling the milk this prevent your baby from getting cough. Boiling garlic cloves in mustard oil and applying it externally on chest of your baby also helps. Juice of grated raw garlic can help in overnight relief from cold. It'll build strong immunity and also relief from gas. Roast some ajwain seeds on pan and put it on clean cotton cloth, make potly. Apply it on baby's chest, underfeet, palm and back. Rub some vicks under your baby's feet and cover the feet with cotton or woolen socks ( depending on the weather).
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Question: My son is 40 days old. I m staying in my in law house.My husband is working in chennai.he will come 2weeks once,he has only 2days leave.My MIL is doing too much she irritates me to the core. Always blaming on me.I m the only person taking care of my son from the day he was born. She doesn't take my child even when I bath or eat. But she is doing drama that she is the only person taking care from morning to evening infront of my FIL, relatives and my husband.I m getting too much tension. I m the only person washing my baby's dress. She doesn't even cook properly.daily sambar sambar no healthy food breakfast and dinner I will make dosai for me. I m too much irritated and frustrated some time I feel why this is happened only for me.I don't like to be here. But my husband is forcing me to be here not allowing me to go to my parents home.My baby is not sleeping in the night. I m the only person is sleeping with my child.She is also in the same house but don't come to see him.please suggest me I m too much sad
Answer: Can you call your parents and ask them to call your husband to send you to them at least for some weeks? I know he must think that his mother knows better about baby care but if your father will ask strongly he should be agreed. I know some houses cook only a kind of regional foods like in my mil home they used to eat Roti sabji only and same every time bitter gourd kaddu and some mix veg fry only. At least can you ask them that you need some fruits and juices as it need for both you and baby you both can't get nutritions from sambar.maybe at least some veges or salad what you can cook yourself. Just don't cook oily or spicy it's not good and can make your milk bitter. At least some fruits, juices or shakes, salad and if possible cheese will be good.
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Question: From yesterday my 1 month 9 days boy baby not sucking milk from right side whenever i tried to make him suck he cries alot but not even trying to suck milk from right side this is first time he is doing like this what is the reason? What have to do ?
Answer: Dear sometimes baby do this and the reason can be high flow, low flow or just discomfort so dont worry dont force baby just try latching from that side inbetween baby will start latching in 2-3 days..
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