4 months old baby

Question: My baby tries to chew fingers with her teeth roots. Shud i give her teeth now only

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Answer: During the stage of teething babies do this kind of things coz they feel irritation in their gums to soothe that irritation they used to put anything or everything comes in front of them. So as a parent u have to teach them no to put anything directly into ur mouth as it could by infectious. This behaviour will automatically goes when all the teeth will sprout which takes times. So ask ur Dr to prescribe some kind of soothing gel which can give them relief and some cooling effect. If the baby is 6 month old then u can give him cold carrot to chew instead of teethers.
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Question: My baby 4 months old she was chew the fingers
Answer: It is a perfectly natural, self-reliant way for a child to soothe themselves. I think people make to much of an issue about this. Thumb sucking does palette damage in extreme cases, not the average baby. In studies it has been found that baby who suck thumb in early age tends to sleep for 7-8hrs and are calm by nature as they know how to sooth them self. May be if this habbit stays till 1year of age you can try by putting some bitter tasting thing over thumb. It works in most cases.
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Question: My baby has got 2 teeth. She is 6 months old. She feels very itchy in her gums. Can I occasionally give her massage with my fingers(washed)?
Answer: Even my baby got 2 teeths by 6 months.. I gave her teething toys.. She used to byte those and chew. I make sure the toy is sterilised often if feel down or some where miss placed. Hope u can give massage too with clean fingers.
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Question: My baby is seven months old now...he tries to stand on his toes only, im worried..is ths nrml ..what shud i do?
Answer: Bahot se babys aise he chalte hi legs tekate he nhi meri neice chalti hi aisa lkn bad mr thik se chalne lgte hi
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