1 months old baby

Question: my baby too much cry in a night.i don't know the reason what should I do

Answer: Hi... May be colic ki wajha se... Mere sath bhi Yahi tha.. Meri baby bhi Raat me roti thi Aur soti nhi thi.. Feed krane k baad bhi... Tab Meine Internet pe search Kia... White noise kr k sound h you tube pe for babies.... Ek bar Aap apne baby ko suna k Dekho... Mere sath to ye work kra h.. Ek bar Aap bhi try kr Lo...
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    Mann Harpreet Awal404 days ago

    ok dear

Answer: hello.. babies crying is normal and common because they express there feelings in crying itself.. so try to hold her.. talk to them, sing for them, also show the near by new things as they want to explore..
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Question: My daughter cry too much wht should I do
Answer: Hello Colic is wr the baby cries for more than 3 hours of the day. The cause of colic is unknown. But here are some remedies that will help soothe ur baby. Play quite noise. Lie the baby on his back in a dark room and quiet room swaddle him or rock him in a soft blanket. Lay him across on ur lap n rub his back. U can also give the baby a gentle massage. Put a warm water bottle on ur baby s tummy. Give ur baby a warm bath. If ur baby is formula fed then get a bottle that is designed to suck on less air. Hope I helped
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Question: gys my baby is crying too much i dont know what should i do
Answer: Baby crying due to many reasons as Hunger Diaper rash Gas Stomach ache If baby crying due to stomach ache go to Dr immediately
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Question: My baby do cry a lots...what should be do?
Answer: At times it can be very frustrating if baby won't stop crying but you need to keep calm and try soothing the munchkin  Swaddling. Wrap your baby in a blanket so he feels secure.Side or stomach position. Hold your baby so they’re lying on their side or stomach. But always put them on their back when going to sleep.Shushing. Create "white noise" that drowns out other noises: run the vacuum cleaner, hair drier, fan or clothes drier.  "Shhhhhh…shhhh…shhhh…" soundsSwinging. Create a rhythmic motion of any kind. For example, take your baby for a ride in a stroller or car.Sucking. Let the baby suck on something, such as a pacifier.Get Outside.  The motion may be all she needs to calm right down. Fresh air can also work wonders both for cranky babies and their bedraggled moms Sing a Song
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