1 months old baby

Question: My baby taking formula milk. Which formula milk is better as my baby is suffering from colicky

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Answer: Hi deae i used nan pro and that was best. But i just want to define u few points to be taken care to avoid colic in baBy. U should used be sa t quality of feeder to avoid colic . Like chicco make non colic feeder .also keep 2 to 3 bottle to make sure hygiene is maintained well. U should always burp ur baby after every feed , always prepare the forMulamilk as per adVsised in the carton. Used purified water to prepare it and never use the powder more than 3 week after opening it.
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Question: If baby is suffering from motions which milk is better? ? Breast milk or buffalo milk or formula milk? ?please reply. ..
Answer: Hello! Breast milk is the best thing you can offer. Nothing can be like a best then breastmilk. If breastmilk is not there then formula milk can be given but please completely avoid buffalo or cow milk. Also if the baby is breastfeeding then passing watery stools 18-20 in a day is absolutely normal. Take care
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Question: Which formula milk is better lactogen or nan pro as thek are from same brand.
Answer: Hi dear, if baby is 1 month then u should not give formula milk. I gave nan pro to baby baby at 6 month and it was good and baby was able to digest it well.
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Question: Which formula milk is better?
Answer: Lactogen or nan... CHK which is suitable for Ur baby...
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