13 months old baby

Question: My baby takes long time to finish her food.. whereas my neighborhood child finish food in 5 to 10 mins. Do I need to consult pediatrician reg this... Any solution for this.. pls. Help.. she is in her 11th month ..

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Answer: No need of consultation. You should not develop consciousness that he/she is eating. Tell stories or interact in such a way that the kids focus is diverted.
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Question: Hi all..My 14 month old baby stores food in her mouth for a long time without swallowing.age is doing this for the past 4 days.she eats 1 /2 spoons of food . very much worried.Do i need to consult doctor.Thanks
Answer: I had gone through similar situation.. she is bored of eating same food.. change the taste and texture..try something new ..may b u can offer what you eat...
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Question: My daughter is 3yrs and 5 months old. But she is not having her food properly and taking 2 to 3hrs to finish up her meal or riffing. Pls suggest what I will do in this case.
Answer: Hello dear Your Baby will not eat anything in just one time. You have to keep Patience. Feed him when he is playing one one bite. Or he is watching cartoon or doing some other activity. In every 2 hour feed youe baby something healthy. If it takes half an hour to feed your baby then its just ok that his tummy should be full. For example If he likes sweet then make Sweet chapati. Make things different for him according to his tastes and likes, it will be more exciting for him to eat something new. First divert his mind in any activities and feed him one one bite.
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Question: She is in 7th week of her pregnancy.. She is suffering stomach pain often.. Is it common in this time or need to consult doctor??
Answer: Stomach pain just like period pain is sometime happens..but u should consult to ur doctor may be it something else.
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