10 months old baby

Question: My baby sweats too much while sleeping if i cover him with blanket.. Is it normal

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Answer: Don't cover baby unless u take them out when it's cold weather.. baby body needs to practice to adjust itself according to the outside temperate . if u cover it LL be difficult for baby's body to regulate to room temperature. Please don't use extra cover for head , hand , foot.. it's kind of milestone for the baby to regulate it's body to different temperature.
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Question: I am having too much muscle pain in my legs.. is it normal? Having too much trouble while sleeping, walking.
Answer: HI, it could be due to leg cramps. also sleeping trouble could occur in 37 weeks pregnancy. stretch your calf muscles once in a while,also you can ask your doctor to prescribe a magnesium supplement as it can help with cramps. do not self medicate. always consult your doctor before starting any new drug.
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Question: My baby is 4month old can I cover my babies head with a cap while he is sleeping and his head sweats a lot during sleep
Answer: Hi.. If your baby sweats a lot while he is asleep, then why do you think that there is a need to cover his head with a cap. Over clothing for children is a big NO. In case of cold days, make room environment warm , and dress up your child in comfortable clothing for sleep.
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Question: My 34 days old baby boy stretching too much while sleeping .. is it normal
Answer: Yes complete normal.. do bath him with moderately hot water.. babies do get body pain when we lift and carry them so many times.. a hot water bath is preferred to ease body pains rather than warm or cold water.. make sure it s not too hot.. Also wash ur baby clothes by hands without squeezing too much.. as bends tends to squueze their body as v was their clothes.. avoid using washing machine for washing baby clothes till 3months.. it may be a myth but do try washing them without squeezing too much...
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