13 months old baby

Question: My baby sweats too much. Even at night i have to change his dress for 3 or 4 times.may i keep him without cloths at n8?

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Answer: Ya definitely you can... But good air in room is the must
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Question: Can we keep baby in AC at n8 time if we can keep at what temperature we have to maintain
Answer: Hi Dear Yes definitely you can keep baby in AC and maintain the temperature at 26-27 ° maximum.. Its safe and if you also switch on the fan along you can actually regulate the spees less by a level.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hiw to keep my 4months baby cool. He sweats when we keep him in cradle in night below fan.
Answer: Hello The summer season get babies very hot as they cannot regulate the temperature like we do give the baby a bath twice a day so u can cool him off. You can also use sleeveless clothes made of cotton that will keep him cool give him plenty of water to drink you can also give different fruits juices. Powder your baby with a cooling talc like nycil so you can keep them feel fresh and dry.
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Question: My baby sweats too much while sleeping if i cover him with blanket.. Is it normal
Answer: Don't cover baby unless u take them out when it's cold weather.. baby body needs to practice to adjust itself according to the outside temperate . if u cover it LL be difficult for baby's body to regulate to room temperature. Please don't use extra cover for head , hand , foot.. it's kind of milestone for the baby to regulate it's body to different temperature.
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