4 months old baby

Question: My baby sweats a lot while sleeping even though he is in soft cotton clothes. Why he is sweating lot ?

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Answer: Hi.. It is normal to have sweating in babies. Some babies body are naturally having sweat body. Babies do have immature nervous systems which also causes sweating.Don't worry and maintain proper hygiene around baby.
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Question: My baby sweats a lot while sleeping as well as while feeding only around head .....is it normal
Answer: Hii generally it is normal for baby or toddler to sweat more as compare to adult ad there temp.  regulating process of body is not fully developed as well baby has more sweat gland than adult.Sweat typically occurs to help normalize the body temperature. Sweat that evaporates from the body cools it down  Moreover if he sweat more while sleeping is due to having more sound sleep dat adults. Generally it is considered normal in toddler but there are few other condition. Also when sweating can be an issue like Overactive sweat glands,Due to a chronic disease,Hormonal imbalance, Any infection in the body so it's better if u consult doctor if u find excess sweat. 
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Question: Hello my baby sweats a lot while sleeping .. why ? What should i do .. i am very worried ..
Answer: aap use ac mai ya pankhe mai rakh sakte ho dear. lekin ac ka temperature 26 se 27 ke pass rakhna agar bahut jyada garmi hai toh ac ka temperature aur low kar sakte ho lekin phir use 2 layers tak kapde pehna kar rakho. bahut jyada garmi se baccha bhi bahut jyada ron elag jaata hai, use rashes ho jaate hain. isse aacha hai ki use tahnde taapman mai rakhe .
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Question: My baby is sweating a lot especially while sleeping and having milk
Answer: Its common while having milk..because even babies losses some calories while having milk
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