1 months old baby

Question: My baby suffers from dyreeya what should I do

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Answer: Hello dear. A month old baby cannot be given home remedies so please consult doctor without any delay to start with the medication. Continue breastfeeding and try changing the brand of formula milk if you are giving any. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby suffers from dyreeya and now it's vaccine time so which vaccine should I give painful aur painless
Answer: Hi dear generally breastfeeding baby do loose stool as they are on liquid only. Dere r so much of debate on both the types of vaccination but I prefer painful once as if u see data in past for sometimes painless vaccination been banned as there was a doubt if it is affective or not. So better go for pain once dear. It will stay only for two days and having fever shows that vaccination is affective.
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Question: My baby suffers from colic . What to do?
Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is having colic problem then u can try following tips : 1. Give ur baby proper Burp after every feed. Atleast 2 to 3 Burp should come. Ur baby will feel good 2. Don't lie ur baby on the bed immediately after feeding 3. Change ur baby diapers after every three hours 4. Apply hing on ur baby's tummy will give her relief
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Question: What should I do if my baby suffers with the diaper rashes
Answer: Keep applying coconut oil often. Nd use coconut oil ly for every wear of diaper and after removing it
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