3 months old baby

Question: my baby suffering from cough and cold since yesterday... please suggest home remedy...

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Answer: Heat 2 to 3 garlic pieces and ajwain in mustard oil for 5mins add massage gently you'r baby body do this until he get rid of cold nd cough.
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Question: My baby is suffering from cough and cold please suggest some home remedy for same.
Answer: Hello! New-born babies are more prone to viral infections including common cold and cough because their immune systems are not strong and fully developed yet. Some Home Remedies for your coughing baby 1.Continue breastfeed your baby because breastmilk contains antibodies which help the baby’s body build immunity against germs, viruses and bacteria 2.Dry roast two big cloves of garlic and one tablespoon of ajwain. Once it cools down, place the mixture in a clean muslin cloth to make a tight pouch. Keep the pouch hidden under the baby’s pillow or cot. The aroma from the pouch can help in opening the blocked nose and provide relief from congestion 3.Take about one-fourth cup of warm mustard oil infused with crushed garlic. Massage this oil on the soles of the baby’s feet and chest. A pinch of carom seeds can be added to this too. Mustard oil has a warming effect that helps soothe congestion
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Question: suffering from cough and cold, please say any home remedy..
Answer: Hello dear sharing a home remedy with you which I use with my kids when they caught cold heat mustard oil till smoking point then add salt and apply this oil on child's neck, chest , palm, foot, back and behind the ears then cover and make him sleep. Repeat this for 2 to 3 days . Hope it will help you. Get well soon baby 😊
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Question: Suffering From cold and cough suggest some home remedy
Answer: boil 4-5 dates in milk at night n have it along wid the dates.u'll feel instant relief from cough n cold.if dates r hard then first soak them in water for an hour n den boil.
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