10 months old baby

Question: My baby suddenly starts crying in sleep... This is happening daily... Not sure what can be the reason.. Please suggest what to do?

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Answer: Hello dear. If baby is not having gas or constipation then baby is just not tired and getting up when the sleep is complete. Do not let ur baby sleep after 5 pm which will allow him to sleep peacefully. Also try massaging the baby before sleep which will relax him and get to sleep. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello my baby is not taking breast milk from today morning suddenly..not sure for reason..he starts crying once i take him to the breast..please suggest
Answer: Thel child must be having stomach pain, apply hing around baby's stomach
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Question: My baby suddenly starts crying.. What may be the reason.. M worried..
Answer: Generally babies are crying when they are hungry , they need to burp or they have stomach ache because of gas. You can place your baby on a pillow on his tummy. It will help him/her to pass gas or to take burp. He or she will get immediately relief.
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Question: My baby is crying loudly in the sleep what is happening to him. Please help
Answer: Dear , Please check if your baby is wet, baby having cold, if hungry these cases baby will wake up cry if you make them comfortable and feed them they will sleep.if baby is screaming it could be because of nightmare.almost all babies do it in this age.nothing to worry.hold your baby when baby cries loudly and pamper baby and feed baby . But check if baby cries loudly in the day time too.if cries loudly in sleep in day time consult your doctor.good luck.
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