1 months old baby

Question: My baby sucking milk but he is intake milk is dought mam ......he wanted all tym sucking my nipple..... remove nipple from mouth he is cry

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Answer: Until 2months baby will be like that only.. Nothing to do for that.. Before feeding and after feeding, just check your breast weight, then you will know whether your baby is sucking or not.. Keep hydrated your self, have something to get breastmilk..
Answer: Maybe your breast milk is less. You can also start giving formula milk. Once the baby's stomach is filled, it will stop crying.
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Question: My baby is not sucking my milk..even i put forcely my breast inside his mouth he is not sucking it..i triwd may postures but he is not sucking my nipples at all what to do
Answer: Hi,some babies take time to learn to auck.its ok keep trying. In the mean while you should express your milk and feed through the spoon or feeder But it is very imp to give BM as it is good for the baby as well as it helps the baby to build its immunity. Take care.keeo trying
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Question: My baby is 3days old. He is not sucking breast milk because my nipple is not fitted in his mouth, can manual breast pump nipple help?
Answer: babies can drink from any kind of nipple , what you need to do is use use some ice to make it erect , then hold it with your nipples and put it deeper inside your baby's mouth . hope this helps
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Question: My baby born at 8 month end mam....now .27 days old but he is sucking milk or not dought what can i do doctor
Answer: Please don't worry dear. If the baby is not getting enough milk it will cry for sometime. If the baby is ok and able to sleep well after drinking milk then the baby is getting enough milk
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