2 months old baby

Question: My baby stretches his body suddenly towards upside and most of the time see at roof only .. is it normal.

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Answer: Hello! Yes, it is absolutely normal dear. All babies do this and there is nothing to worry. Since they are always in a lying position, their first view goes to the roof and they try to see things specially if the fan is moving. Hence dont would and give a good massage to the baby on daily basis. Take care
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    Mohit Kumar118 days ago

    Actually older people at home says its not good as he strangely see upwards most of the time even if he is in our hands

Answer: This is normal dear. It's said that in this position the baby is comunicating with the angels. The baby will sometimes stare at the roof for hours tog, and even will start smiling.
Answer: Der might b something which attracts ur baby like some light or mirror or object...try to chg the view its not good for baby
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Question: My one month old baby stretches his whole body often while sleeping.. and at that time automatically his face becomes red.. because of blood flow.. is it normal
Answer: Hi! It is absolutely normal for your baby to do and you are absolutely right because of blood flow the face turns red but I am sure that within few seconds it is all normal so please don't worry the stretching as long as is happy and baby is not crying while stretching there is no discomfort in the baby's body.. Hope this helps!
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Answer: Hi,yes all babies mostly do this when they are taking up.it us so cute. Don't worry. It's normal
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Question: My baby while breastfeeding stretches his body and milk comes out of his nose.. kindly help
Answer: Hi dear, your baby is suffering from stomach gas & acidity. It might mean he has reflux, especially when the arched back is combined with crying.The baby will squirm around and move to try to get to a more comfortable position.Often babies arch their backs when they've had enough to eat and want to move away from the breast. Firstly you need to burp your baby well in between & after each feed. Your baby probably just needs a change of position. Hold him upright against your shoulder or give her some wiggle time on the floor. I hope this will help.
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